FDM778T-32 - 福大机械
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  • FDM778T-32

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    杭发 D10.24T21
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      ●The loader with double rocker arm 8 connecting rod can lift materials up to more than 32T.
      ●Powerful turbocharged thgine with 6 cylinder 4 -stroke for excellent performance and high torque reserve is low-oil consumption.
      ●Beautiful streamlined appearance .Pressurized cabin with optional air conditioning and heating system provides comfortable operation environment .
      ●Four-wheel ,dual-line and pliers disc brake system ensures safer and more reliable operation.
      ●Double-turbo hydraulic torque converter facilitates the gear shifting for easier operation.
      ●Various working equipment and shovel can meet the requirements of different customers.
      ●Used as both pallet fork and bucket.


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